We have exclusive features to step into the next level of your print on demand business.

All About Designs
  • Access your designs from everywhere
  • You can use ALL data again from every design
  • Several filter options like "not uploaded" or by created "listing"
  • Set specific design management tags and find everything with one click
  • Export design data for Flying Upload with one click
  • Perfectly integrated and connected with the new online Edit
Integrated Upload History
  • Keep track of every design
  • Filter with a few clicks for platforms "not uploaded"
  • Upload flags set automatically by Flying Upload automation after upload
  • You can set upload flags also manually if you want
Most Advanced Edit
  • You can prepare your designs for ALL platforms available
  • Build for bulk operations and data transfer
  • Several options for copying data, translation, keywords, trademark check, etc...
  • Not bound to a spreadsheet, path or design management
  • Never write the same listing twice - use ALL the data you created again with Flying Upload
All Options For You!
  • Apply the whole or a part of your listing to several other designs with a few clicks
  • Decide what parts of your listings should get translated
  • TM check for all relevant offices and nice classes - for one or for all designs
  • Apply already created data from your listing history
  • Use shortcuts to be even faster!
TM Check
  • Check one or all designs for trademarks
  • WIPO, EUIPO, US, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES office
  • Relevant nice classes for MBA
  • Change your listing with the intergrated replace function
  • Add words and phrases with one click to your TM Watchlist
TM Whitelist
  • Add words and phrases NOT relevant for your trademarks
  • Integrated language word list with over 2800+ entries for you!
  • Filter by word, language or your own notes
  • Import / Export your whitelist at any time
  • TM Whitelist added words will not be shown in the TM check
TM Blacklist
  • Add words and phrases RELEVANT for your trademarks
  • Integrated community blacklist with trademarks you should NOT use
  • Filter by word, language or your own notes
  • Import / Export your blacklist at any time
  • TM Blacklist added words will show a warning if used in the Edit
Upload Automatically
  • Get the desktop version of Flying Upload
  • Load in your designs and listing
  • Upload to the most famous POD platforms
  • Installation and configuration process explained in Tutorials and the configuration guide

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