News / Future Releases

Live Chapter 2 – Whitelist / Blacklist
Exclude or ignore certain words in your trademark check, import or export your data and share it with a friend who also uses Flying Upload. Pre-made lists of everyday words with thousands of entries, available with a click. Max trademark comfort when you work with the new online Edit.
Live Niche Analyis
The Niche Analysis lets you search through every niche and provides detailed statistics about the sales, review, keywords and much more. It offers an advanced ranking system from S+ to D, where S+ is the best (it is more than rare, and only legends say that S+ exists).
Live Real Time Research
All designs of Amazon with on search, yes that is possible. The Real-Time Research gets the data directly in real time from Amazon, so you will work with the exact original data from Merch By Amazon. No limitation from any database, the data comes here directly from Amazon.
Live Chapter 2 – Design Management
Yes, we have all waited for a long time for Chapter 2, but now there is a design management for your Print On Demand business. Import all your images and listings into your design management. We are comparing images with algorithms to find duplication, extracting color information to provide more individual options and settings for you. Everything in the web, access from all your devices.
Live Free Version (Research & Upload)
Oh my god, oh my god, a free version for flying research is finally here. Now you can Sing Up at “”, create an account (no payment details are required) and use all tools for free. Use the Best Sellers from the Research, the Trademark Search, the Design Management, and the POD + KDP Uploader all for free. Yes you heard right, simply login and use everything for free, that is awesome.
Live Flying Research

Flying Research was developed 2020 and offers the full research experience, with all Merch By Amazon marketplaces, keywords, and statistics. It is however not limited to Amazon, it integrates Spreadshirt and Redbubble as well.

Soon TM Report
All your designs in your Design Management get checked and monitored every week with the newest trademarks for all relevant offices. No matter if your global listing (RedBubble, Spreadshirt and Co.) or for Merch by Amazon. New, innovative, maximum security.
Soon Chapter 2 – Excel Import

With Chapter 2 we will introduce the most advanced (not joking!) Excel import for the design management, supporting more formats, mapping of column names and much more.

Soon Keyword Volume / Application
Most wished from you. Will take a bit of time and effort, but most important, it will be gooood.
Soon New Uploader Integration in Chapter 2
If you like our current uploader...wait for this one :-)!

Previous Development

Live 2020 – 2021 – What Previous Development

We are aiming for something great, and here is what we already developed since the launch of flying upload. I mean, what we kind of did because we did way more. That list below is just a small part of what we really did in all the applications.

  • KDP Tool
  • Teepublic
  • Threadless
  • Trademark Check
  • Profile Manager (Template Manager)
  • “Productor for Merch by Amazon” Excel Import Integration
  • Excel Import Integration
  • Society6
  • Displate
  • Fine Art America
  • Color Book Generator for KDP
  • NEW User Interface
  • Zazzle
  • KDP Keyword Window
  • Suggestion Manager
  • Upload Manager / Overview
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Captcha Solving System
  • “Productor” Spreadshirt Design Import
  • Tag Generator
  • Keyword Finder 2.0
  • Design/Listing Trademark Check
  • Import/Export Design Batches
  • DeepL Translation
  • Trademark Whitelist
  • Printful
  • Flying Research Open BETA
  • TM Notifications (Flying Research)
  • Amazon Seller Trends (Flying Research)
  • Amazon Subcategory Ranks (Flying Research)
  • TM Complain for DPMA (Flying Research)
  • Printify
  • Real Time Research (Flying Research)

Update Routine

How and when are updates released?

We are constantly trying to improve our tool and will bring major updates after a test cycle to ensure the best user experiance. Nevertheless the Print On Demand platforms can change there websites or their upload processes. In these cases the upload process will be fixed within one day. Summarized if you experiance any problem it is fixed within one day. You never have to upload manually agin and you can fully focus on your designs.

Furthermore once per month we will release an update with improvements for our upload tool. These updates can include improvements or completely new features. The update are installed completly automatically by the launcher.