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Our latest solution for your business. Flying Keywords! Everything you need to know for your perfect listing and advertising optimization.

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Search volume, Cpc, Competition and much more
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Check everything related to your niche or keyword
Analyze The Competition

Check competing products and learn how to outperform them

Many best seller products often have a good ranking because they were first. They are most of the time not optimized for algorythms or advertising. This is your chance to establish your product through an optimized listing or advertising strategy.

KW Search
KW Hunter

The Added Value For You

One successful optimized listing can boost your sales immediately

Connect Business & Data

Find keywords with high search volume
Find weak spots within your competitors
Optimize your listing and advertising
Rank in front of them and get a boost in sales

Prepare Your Keywords

Endless options with our KW Workbench
Sort products or optimize keywords in bulk
Copy and download with one click
Fully integrated in every keyword page

Save Your Digital Gold

Simply organize your keywords in lists with several customizable categories available. You see here also all the information you need. Here you can also interact with the KW workbench to change for example fast and in bulk the year 2023 to 2024 for all keywords in the list!

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You will get access to the full free version. This includes the Research, Keywords and Trademarks with: Best Sellers, Get Inspired POD, Niche List, Product Search, Trademark Search, and more. Furthermore full access to the Design Management with 2GB, the Print On Demand and Kindle Direct Publishing upload automation for free.

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