About us

Our story started mid 2018. We began to upload our designs on Spreadshirt.de and Spreadshirt.com. In the beginning we were uploading all our designs by ourselves and we run into the problem of rejected designs a few times. Obviously that made things a bit more difficult, as we had to reupload the designs and do all the work again.

Later on we developed an automation script in AutoIt which is controlling the cursor. But once we introduced more and more Print On Demand (POD) platforms like RedBubble and MBA it became clear that AutoIt is not a sustainable solution for long term. We asked other designers how they solve this problem. They showed us different upload tools. Unfortunately these tools work only with Microsoft Excel, so we decided to develop our own, different, and more sustainable solution. We needed a simple and intuitive solution which would help us with managing and uploading to multiple platforms as well as help us with fast and easy reuploads.

Managing and uploading your designs really shouldn’t be so hard.

We started to develop a professional uploading tool for ourselves to automate all tasks. Our goal was to create an effective and intuitive tool for all the work we had in the POD area. We tried to keep everything as clear and easy to understand as possible. The development process took over one year of hard work in programming as well as extensive testing. Today we are sure that the work was definitely worth it. With the help of the tool we can work with many designs and platforms at the same time.

The text you read above was from mid 2020. These lines here are written April 2022. So much changed since start - or better said improved!

We launched end of 2020 our Research application Flying Research, build over the last two years a great team and our goal is now to bring the All-in-One solution to Print on Demand. Our user base grows every day and the whole team really hopes to welcome you also as soon as possible 🙂 .

Greetings from Martin and Tom, founders of Flying.

Our strength

The focus of Flying Upload is the usability for being easy to use and intuitive. Use CTRL+Z, Drag and Drop, automated translation, an integrated keyword finder, and more.
Customer Support
Join our community or contact our support for questions or any issues. We are happy to help and eager to integrate the feedback in future improvements.
Through the concept of XML files the data of each design is stored individually and does not depend on a path like in Microsoft Excel. The data can be used to upload to all POD platforms.
Fair Agreements
Flying Upload offers a great price-performance ratio. Our goal is that you can focus on your designs and Flying Upload does the time consuming things for you.
All in One Tool
Flying Upload combines all functionalities in one tool. Editing designs, text translation, keyword suggestions, saving and reloading data, design uploading, and more.
Provided Guides
The Information section provides a guide to optimally integrate Flying Upload in your workflow. The videos provide an overview of the Flying Upload and all its functionalities.