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The perfect solution for your Print on Demand business. Find your merch niche and upload your designs to all famous marketplaces like Merch by Amazon, RedBubble or Etsy - with the All-in-One platform from Flying. Trusted since 2020!
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Research & Upload

The All-in-one platform for your Print on Demand Business

Design Management & Upload Automation

Keep the overview and manage all your designs and trademarks in one application.

Research On The Next Level
Do all your research in one appliction. No matter if best sellers or new trends.

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Automate you upload to all merch platforms

All Platforms In One Tool

Get more sales with more platforms. Start, pause, or stop uploads at any time. Images are resized automatically. Upload report after each upload

Stunning features you will love

Most advanced Edit to write your listings

The most advanced edit you've ever seen. No spreadsheets - 100% control. You decide with just a few clicks which data is transferred, translated or trademark checked. Several options for everything (yes, really everything). No matter if you wanna edit your listing, transfer products or select specific colors for multiple designs.

A new way to store your designs

With many designs, it quickly becomes confusing. Save time and extensive folder systems with our Design Management. Accessible from everywhere. Best thing about it? Not just your design is stored, also your listing data! You can use everything again for the next listings you write. Save hundreds of hours and keep everything organised from day one.

Most advanced trademark check

Keep you and your account safe. Trademark check for all relevant offices with WIPO, EUIPO, US, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES. You decide which offices and nice classes should be checked - or you rely on our default settings. Quickly replace or sort trademarks with our trademark Black- / Whitelist. Get phrases and words in your watchlist and get informed via email if something would change.

Keep track of your uploads

With the upload history you will always know which design is already uploaded on which marketplace. Flying Upload will enter an uploaded flag automatically after every successful upload of a design. Of course you can also check manually if you want to. Filter with the design management which platform you still have to upload. A must have for every professionnel in Print on Demand.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Flying at all?

Most advanced all-in-one solution you will find in the Print on Demand area. Fastest database, speed of light TM Check. Scalable functions that work together. No one out there is bringing so many new functions and updates on a regular basis. Fast-growing and trusted by a Discord community channel with 2.500+ people. Have the best experience by choosing the best.

Can I test you?

Yes! Create an account on, and you have instant access to parts of the research, trademark search, a 2 GB free Design Management, edit of your designs and also 150 free uploads every month for our upload automation. All in one account, all accessible everywhere, every time. Sing up and get started right away for free.

What's the difference between free and paid research version?

In the free version you have limited tabs on the left side and also limited filters for example in the "Best Sellers" tab. In the paid version you have all functions and filters available!

What's the difference between free and paid upload version?

In the beginner packages you have limited functions like in the free version and of course unlimited uploads for the platform you choose. In the Advanced version you have bulk options like copy or transfer data, bulk translation and also bulk trademark check. And you have Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt and RedBubble unlimited for uploads. In the Pro version you have ALL platforms and also a integrated keyword help in the edit window.

What workflow do you cover?

We are the only application which offers the full workflow from research till uploading your designs to all the platforms. Starting with the research you can research new ideas by the bestsellers, niche trends and much more. The after creating your designs, you can import them into the design management and create the listings in the edit page. For your account safety, we have an integrated trademark check for listings, and you can use the trademark search to for checking all offices. Once the listing is finished, you can automatically upload all your designs to the different Print On Demand platforms with the upload automation. Whenever you forgot where the designs were uploaded or what designs you already created, you can go back to the design management. The full workflow of Print On Demand, simple and easy. Research --> Design Management --> Listing Edit --> TM Check --> Upload --> Finding data and old designs again. Good, isn't it?

Can I import my listings with a spreadsheet?

Yes, you certainly can. Import Excel files with just simply drag and dropping the Excel sheet into the upload application. The images will automatically import and the XML files created. Then you can import these images and XML files directly into the design management. A direct Excel import into the design management will come in the beginning of 2022, till then you can import the Excel sheet with the listings into the uploader and the imported data into the design management.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is certainly safe. If you work with the older xml standard, the data is encrypted and locally stored at your pc, as well as the login details of the Print On Demand accounts. If you work with the design management only, you have access to your designs and listings. The exported data is furthermore encrypted. We apply the highest data protection standards of Germany for all our applications. We help users since 2 years to make their life easier. Both sides trust and build on each other. And you know what, thats great!

Do you offer lifetime deals?

No. Software is a constant process of development. Changes in the market, regardless of whether Research, POD or KDP, have to allow us to react variably. We want to offer users and also ourselves the greatest security and the best perspective. Lifetime deals are usually done when you want to fund something or when you don't plan to update the software much. We do neither of these things, that's why we don't and will never offer lifetime packages for our software.

Ok, but my question was not answered above!

If you still want to know something else, please write us a mail or join our Discord. The team will help you!

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